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MFWD 315



Versatile MFWD tractors are industry leading, full-featured tractors with over 20 years of field proven performance. All five models from 260-360 hp are powered by the Cummins QSL9 engine which delivers a combination of power, economy and performance. The Cummins engine is matched to a smooth shifting 16 X 9 powershift transmission that drives power to the ground and offers a wide range of working gears.

  • Hq Cab: Versatile MFWD tractors take advantage of the class-leading Versatile HQ Cab. With over 6.83 sq. m (73 sq. ft.) of viewable window glass the HQ Cab provides a panoramic view of your fields. A seat mounted right-hand console gives you fingertip control over the entire tractor to help reduce operator fatigue. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat is standard and the HQ Cab also offers a large training seat.
  • Deluxe Cab: The new Deluxe Cab is a high-end full-featured Cab that provides the operator with every imaginable comfort for long working days. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat and the training seat are both standard in. this configuration. In. addition to the connectivity options available in. the standard Cab, the Deluxe Cab has an 110v AC power outlet and a 5-volt in.tegrated USB port.
  • Cab Environment: Large multi-directional vents optimize comfort and help create an ideal Cab environment. Climate control reduces window fogging and the pressurized Cab prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt particles. Convenience features in.clude four cup holders and coat hooks to keep the Cab clean and organized.
  • Cab Features: Operator Seat: The operator seat has a 27° swivel range to maximize visibility when towing implements. Air-ride suspension and a heated leather seat are standard in. the Deluxe Cab; Training Seat: Turn the training seat in.to a workstation by folding down the backrest to reveal a surface ideal for a laptop computer. The Deluxe Cab features an 110v AC power outlet to ensure that your work is never in.terrupted by a loss of battery power; Radio: A conveniently located stereo and high quality sound system help make long days in. the Cab more enjoyable. Satellite radio is available; Visibility: The one-piece hood improves forward visibility by 35% over previous generations. The hood slope provides the tractor with a modern look and improves the view for the operator. A single latch opens the tethered hood for access to the Engine and cooling areas; Monitor: A 10" (254 mm) high-resolution monitor is standard. The monitor can be programmed to display your hydraulic settings for quick reference. The monitor can also support up to two external cameras.
  • Engine: The Versatile MFWD tractors are powered by the Cummins QSL9 that features the latest in. diesel Engine technology. Cummins is the exclusive Engine supplier across the entire range of Versatile tractors. Engineers from both companies worked together to ensure seamless in.tegration of the Engine with the Transmission and electronics. QSL9 Cummins is a market leader in. horsepower and torque. This turbocharged Engine, with electronic controlled high-pressure common-rail in.jection, offers smooth power delivery and fast Engine response with less vibration. In. addition this model is excellent for cold starting ability with an in.tegral air in.let heater, Features VGT/Multiple High Pressure Fuel In.jections - The QSL9 combines productivity and power with fuel efficiency. Using Cummins advanced in.-cylinder technology, the QSL9 maintains performance, dependability and durability while operating cleanly and efficiently. Advanced electronics enhance Engine performance, with better torque and faster throttle response. The Cummins QSL9 is known for its cold start ability and smooth operation, in.cluding less Engine noise and vibration which means less operator fatigue.
  • Transmission: Upshifting and downshifting is as easy as the push of a button. Models are equipped with a 16 x 9 full powershift Transmission that has been refined for smooth shifting, particularly when under load. An in.novative design that features large helical cut case-hardened gears on roller bearings ensures the operation is durable, smooth and quiet.
  • Hydraulics: Modern implements require more flow from the hydraulic system, constant speed from the power take-off and load bearing capacity at the Drawbar. The Versatile MFWD tractors have been designed to handle these rigorous demands. Electro-Hydraulics are standard and are ergonomically designed for both comfort and convenience. Finger-tip controls manage the hydraulic functions and hydraulic flow is in.creased and decreased using the EHR monitor. The Versatile 265 to 315 have a total hydraulic flow of 208 l/min (55 GPM), or 284 l/min (75 GPM) with the optional Hi-Flow hydraulic system. Four remote valves are standard and six remote valves are optional.
  • Hitch and Drawbar: The Drawbar is equipped with an auto hitch pin that will automatically drop in. place when hitching up implements. When backing up the tractor to attach an implement, the implement hitch will contact the release strap and the pin then drops automatically in.to place, without the operator having to leave the Cab, or without the need of a second operator. Three-point hitch with draft load sensing maintains a consistent implement depth that is ideal for hard working applications such as tillage. The Versatile MFWD tractors come standard with a 1-1/2" (38 mm) Drawbar clevis. An optional 2" (51 mm) clevis is also available. A heavy-duty Drawbar is available on all models.
  • Frame and Axle: The Versatile MFWD tractors are designed to be durable and reliable. The frame and hood have been sculpted to improve turning radius and allow for larger tires and more configurations. The improved turning radius is most evident during end of row functions. All models feature a limited-slip differential that automatically in.creases traction in. various ground conditions. When even more traction is required an optional locking differential is available that delivers full power equally to both wheels. Efficient speed reduction from the Transmission to the ground is achieved utilizing a heavy-duty in.board planetary axle driven by a large crown and pinion gear set. The heavy-duty cast iron rear axle housing protects components for years of trouble free operation.
  • 3-Point Hitch: A Category III/IIIN 3-point hitch comes standard on Versatile models 265 to 365 with a lift capacity of 7829 kg (17,260 lb).
  • PTO: The fully-independent PTO features multi-plate, bronze friction clutches for smooth, shock free implement starting. The 265 comes standard with 540/1000 dual speed PTO. The 295 to 365 come with the 1000 RPM PTO as standard equipment and the 540/1000 is optional on the 315.
  • Options: Versatile tractors are well-equipped with the standard features most-requested by farmers. Additional options are available to customize the tractor for the requirements of your farm, such as LED Lighting Package: Versatile is pleased to offer LED lighting options that better illuminate the road and help improve night time visibility. The durability and longer life span of LED lights also help farmers save on the costs associated with replacement bulbs and maintenance. The LED Lighting Package is available in front and rear options; Front differential lock, Hi-Flow hydraulic system, 6 configuration electro-hydraulic valves (4 standard), Additional controls under armrest, LED lighting package, Power mirrors, Deluxe cab, 2" drawbar clevis, 540/1000 RPM, dual speed PTO - models 295 and 315 (standard on model 265), Suspended axle optional on 265-315 (standard on models 335 and 365).
  • Serviceability: There are never enough hours in the day and every minute counts. That’s why all Versatile tractors are designed with easy serviceability in mind. Routine service can extend the life of your tractor, minimize downtime and lower your operating costs, Versatile factory trained dealer service technicians are up to date with the latest repair technology. Efficient troubleshooting by trained professionals provides timely service support that minimizes your downtime, The oil filter is easily accessible on the right side of the engine. The filter is vertically mounted and is a spin-on type for quick, clean service, The large, standard fuel tanks hold a total of 170 gallons (644 L) of fuel. This large fuel capacity provides long hours of hard working performance between refueling. Both tanks fill from one location just in front of the cab on the left side of the tractor. The big, dual-element air filter is mounted above the engine and is easy to reach. An aspirated pre-cleaner in front of the air-cleaner housing extends service intervals of the filter in even the dirtiest conditions.
  • Engine type: Cummins QSL9
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged & air-to-air aftercooled
  • Displacement: 9-liter
  • Horsepower: 310 hp (231 kW) @ 2100 RPM
  • Power bulge: 10% @ 1900 RPM
  • Peak horsepower: 340 hp (254 kW)
  • Torque rise: 29% @ 1500 RPM
  • Peak torque: 995 lb-ft (1350 Nm)
Fuel System
  • Capacity: 165 U.S. gal (625 L)
  • Filter: Engine mounted w/water separator
  • Def: 9 U.S. gal (34 L) - 7 Gal (26.5 L) (useable)
  • Powershift Transmission: 16 forward speeds, 9 reverse
  • Maximum speed: 25 mph (40 kph)
  • Front axle w/limited slip: Standard
  • Front axle w/differential lock: Optional
  • Front axle - Suspended: Optional
  • Front axle track setting: 60 to 88 in. (1524 to 2235 mm)
  • Rear axle diameter: 4.1 in. (105 mm)
  • Rear axle track setting (w/120 in. axle): 92 in. (2336.8 mm)
  • Hydraulic type: Closed Center Load Sensing System
  • Standard flow: 55 GPM (208 l/min)
  • Hi-Flow hydraulic system: 72 GPM (273 l/min)
  • Hydraulic remotes - Standard flow: 4 standard
  • Hydraulic remotes - Hi-Flow: 6 standard
  • Maximum system pressure: 2900 PSI (197 bar)
Electrical System
  • Alternator: 12V - 200 amps
  • Batteries: 2-12V, 950 CCA ea.
  • Standard lights: LED - 4 headlights, 7 working lights available
  • HID lighting / Power mirrors: Optional / Optional
Drawbar / 3-Point Hitch / PTO
  • 3-point hitch: Category III / IIIN
  • Standard (SAE) lift capacity: 15,000 lb (7829 kg)
  • PTO, 540/1000 RPM: Standard
  • PTO, 1000 RPM: Optional
  • Volume: 149 cu. ft. (4.22 cu. m)
  • Glass: 73.5 sq. ft. (6.83 sq. m)
Weight & Dimensions
  • Weight, unballasted*: 23,945 lb (10,861 kg)
  • Recommended operating GVW: 31,173 lb (14,140kg)
  • Wheelbase: 124.6 in. (3165 mm)
  • Turning radius**: 15.8 ft @ 30" row spacing (4.8 m @ 762mm)
  • Overall length, w/front weights: 246 in. (6248 mm)
  • Height, top of Cab: 130 in. (3311 mm)
*w/420/90R30 & 480/80R46 Singles **w/380/85R34 Singles



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
310 hp (231 kW)
Rated RPM
2100 rpm


124.6 in. (3165 mm)
130 in. (3311 mm)
23,945 lb (10,861 kg)


Fuel Capacity
165 U.S. gal (625 L)
16 forward speeds, 9 reverse
Closed Center Load Sensing System, 55 GPM (208 l/min) Standard flow
Drive Type

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